Video Demo

NOW AVAILABLE! Apple iPad multi-way controller to up to 8 iPhones or Android phones.

Below is the latest video showing full functionality, including the rotate facility on the remote phones to give additional features.
Best to click on and view full screen.


Realtime Clock
Performance Running Timer
UNIQUE! Programmable Cue states with scrollable cues
Nameable Individual Channels
Manual multi-fire go buttons.

Please register your interest on our Contact Page or if you have any questions about the operation of this StageCue App, or suggestions for improvement in later releases.



 And here is a video showing cross platform functionality using the new Ipad Air
(at 0:24 here we demonstrate the cue list that updates current Cue number across all devices
so remotes know what position they are in the show)
Please note 
this video is already out of date as we have also Text Messaging to remote phones!