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Here you can learn more about how the StageCue 8 Channel app works.

The Cue Light app was developed to get over problems of wired systems with operators having to be near fixed positions or for a touring production that might be outdoors. The StageCue Cue Light system only needs a router that doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet to work.  Simply start the iPad or Tablet app and then load up the app on each phone you want to use. The 8 channel app will find the remotes automatically and ask which channel you want to assign for them. Both devices show green CONNECTED when successful and operation is simply a case of pressing RED to start flashing on both devices. Press red on your Smartphone app to acknowledge and steady both lights. Pressing green sends a steady green light to the remote that does not need acknowledging.


NEW Features…

Messaging to individual or all phones:
press MESSAGE at the bottom to send a message, when sending it shows as Red then quickly to Amber when delivered and when received and acknowledged by the remote it turns green to let you know it has been read and received ok.

Selectable channels for mass firing:
Simply press the Amber preset buttons to select channels for next Cue. Press master Red or Green to fire those channels.
PLUS! you can now program them into cue lists, up to 999 can be made with descriptions alongside.
These can either be created externally in Excel and imported via Dropbox OR  create on the iPad and export out for safe keeping on Dropbox.

Cue Numbers rolling in real time on Remotes!
Scroll through the Cue Numbers on the 8 channel app and the remotes show the current Cue List number

Both the iPad and Tablet (coming late May 2015) are fully cross compatible with Apple or Android Smartphones 🙂

Current Time and Stopwatch time in Green at top if needed

NEED just a two way phone solution?
We have that too, that came first before the iPad 8 channel.. again CROSS COMPATIBLE!


Take a look at our videos for functionality.
Or go to the Buy links for both Apple and Android

Thanks for looking!