Operation and setup

The StageCue app is a totally wireless solution for
Android or Apple devices in iPad or Tablet 8 channel to 8 phones

or just 2 channel (two phone operation, see at end of this page)


The iPad 8 Chanel controller app.




NOW WITH CROSS PLATFORM CAPABILITY, you can add in iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones, iPads or Tablets so long as they are running the latest remote app available from Apple or Google Play.

Start up the iPad controller and then add in remote units as required, one at a time. The iPad app will find the phones automatically if on the same wifi network. Simply assign a channel when requested and give it a name that you choose. (Please note, the phone has the option of changing its name if required by clicking on the wifi icon but you will need to restart the iPad if you need to rename. So it is best to assign names to each remote before connecting to the iPad).

On successful connection, you will see the phone name showing in the grey channel strip as above. If green it is connected, if red the phone app has stopped or is out of range. Simply restart the phone for an automatic connection.


You can manually send a RED Standby to any phone individually, alternatively you can select any number of the Yellow channel buttons at base and then when ready, press the Red Standby button in the left column to fire selected channels and flash red on the desk and devices. If the remote phone has the vibrate button turned on it will pulse a vibrate so that even if it is in your pocket you will get the message. Press the RED remote button to steady the light on the remote which steadies the light on the desk to tell the Stage Manager that you have received the message.

Pressing the green master will fire selected channels with a steady Green light and give a long vibrate signal to differentiate from the Standby signal. In line with industry standard the remote has received the green and no further response is required from the remote.

(Please note the remote cannot initiate a light command back to the desk)

Pressing CLEAR ALL resets the desk back to dark and extinguishes all lights.

The cue lists (up to 999 cues) can be edited on this device or imported from a Dropbox account after creating in Excel and saved as CSV. This can also export to Dropbox to save or modify as you may require.  The great added feature is that when in a current cue, you can press selected yellow presets and then press PRESET to save the command against that Cue, scrolling to another cue will show whatever channels are set to fire. Cue Numbers are automatically sent to the remote as the main desk scrolls through the cues, so that everyone know where they are in the show!

The Red clock shows current Time of day and the Green shows a show timer, with self explanatory Start/Stop if you need to time a sequence of the show.


The new MESSAGE button at the base has the facility to send a message to a selected Remote unit or to all. Once sent it shows RED, once being read it turns to AMBER and when they acknowledge as message read it goes to GREEN. Next we will have the WIFI icon top right to actually show as a signal strength meter. Both of these features have been requested by the growing number of StageCue users!!

BREAKING NEWS AS OF 18.6.16  The remote has a second screen, accessed by pressing the rotate button, here a cue description will now also be shown in green when the cue numbers are scrolled. e.g. “LX4, SND 5”  (As requested by a user). PLUS! Remotes can now text back to the iPad controller if any problems arise – such as Actor missing, Prop or Light failure etc. Something a standard wired cue light system simply cannot do!


Just want a simple two unit operation?

Simply connect both devices to the same wifi router. (This router doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet). Then start the apps on both devices to establish a connection. Once connected the device shows CONNECTED in green bottom left of the screen to reassure you of a good link to the other phone.


In use, press a Red or Green button on either device, the other will flash the corresponding colour. The recipient then presses the flashing button to show a confirmation “OK” on both devices. With StageCue the operators both know the state of readiness of each other.

Operation is simplicity itself, but if you have any issues connecting please turn off the Firewall option on the router. If a device fails to connect, just turn off the app and restart, it should find the other automatically.