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What system requirements do you have? It comes in 3 flavours.

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NEW – 8 Channel Ipad NOW AVAILABLE! £19.99


If you have downloaded before, please update your app for greatest stability.


The iPad 8 channel app has been extensively tested with a mixture of Nexus 5X, Samsung Galaxy phones. A Nexus 7 tablet and even a cheap tablet costing under £30! plus an iPad mini, all running the remote phone app. All have been incredibly stable running for well over 4 hours with a mixture of scenarios. i.e. All sending messages back at the same time, breaking the remote connection repeatedly, etc. only to have them all reconnect faultlessly if an app is closed on a remote unit.

(Now works with a mix of phones – iPhones or Android!)


Remote Cue Light (to use in conjunction with the iPad app) £1.49



A simple 2 Way Cue Light system – works on Iphones + iPads £4.99
(Now works in a mix of phones – iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android!
Just also get a copy of the app on Google play (only £1.99 there) if you have an Android phone you want to communicate with)