Ideal for drama/musical productions,
where you need to be on the move, also perfect too for outdoor productions, music concerts etc.

Conventional stage cueing devices rely on wired connections to communicate with Sound/Lighting to Stage Managers. This is not always convenient as Stage Managers often have to be away from their post, attending to actors and unforeseen issues. Alternatively Lighting crew can be up in an inaccessible part of the theatre gantry.

The StageCue app is a UNIQUE WIFI solution for Android or Apple devices. designed for a busy theatre environmentfor professional or amateur theatre staff alike. Where you need to keep in constant touch with Lighting/Sound yet be free to move anywhere within a theatre environment or simply you need to really keep in touch! Simply log on both devices to the same wifi router, which does not need to be connected to the internet).


The latest amendments allow for a mix of Apple and Android phones!
The iPad 8 channel controller is officially launched. For all of you that have been waiting for the iPad version it has now arrived.


Send text messages to remote phones

– as requested by a customer, you can now send text messages out to remote phones and see when they are read and acknowledged! (iPad controller app only).

Now cross platform capability built in!

Live and now available for purchase on the Apple and Google Play store, use and iPad controller to talk to a mix of iPhones/iPads, Android Phones or Tablets! (using the iPad controller only, Android 8 channel cross platform coming soon).

Up to 999 written + channel programmable Cues,

Individual channels can be programmed on the iPad or if more convenient in Excel. Exportable by CSV to Dropbox or create on Excel and import from dropbox.

Cue List rolling numbers

 show on the Remote for iPhone. So you know where you are in the show 🙂 (This was an added functionality request from one of our many users)


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Cue Light systems proving expensive?


Conventional Cue light systems proving very expensive and complex to install? there IS a solution!

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We are getting great feedback!

Here are just a few comments:

Hello there,  I would just like to say what a brilliant app you have created and has become very handy in our venue as a school we do not have cue light facilities but now we do with this reliable resource.
Many Thanks

Thank you for producing this great app, it’s been a long time coming. I had thought of something like it before, but lacked the knowledge to do it, so congratulations! Awesome.

The tablet system is brilliant, I read on facebook that you are looking to develop wifi light units to work with the tablet – I would be very interested in them if you do get them developed. Well done on the software and thanks for making it.

Great, thank you!  I am looking forward to the release!  I saw an ad for the app in the magazine Lighting and Sound America.  I am glad I saw the ad too, I have been looking for an affordable cue light system and this app definitely fits the bill!  Best of luck for continued success!

I am stunned! Can someone inbox me about this! Amazing idea guys! 🙂

Thank you for producing this great app, it’s been a long time coming. I had thought of something like it before, but lacked the knowledge to do it, so congratulations! Awesome.

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A revolutionary concept for simple yet powerful Cue Light communication over WIFI. Break free of wired communication, ideal for medium sized theatres and live outdoor events.

Plans & Pricing

Only £4.99 each for the 2 unit system or £24.99 for the combined 8 channel tablet + 8 FREE phone apps.

Looking for Android? …

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or an Apple setup?



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